BENRINER's Development

A history of slicer is the history of BENRINER

■1940: The first BENRINER was introduced

In 1940, a founder Uyuki Yamamoto first invented a radish slicer with his own idea in Iwakuni City in Japan. 5 years later, the company was established officially as "BENRINER"after the product name. The first BENRINER was the wooden made and mainly purchased by hotels or restaurants.

■1969: Material was changed from wooden to plastic

During the Japanes industrial development, the lumber material had gone scarce. Therefore, BENRINER newly developed the plastic molding system and made the mass production possible.
The product package design evolved and BENRINER products became more popular as domestic use. However the BENRINER was still the copy of the previous wooden model and was heavy.

■1973: Finger Guard, Catch Tray were introduced

Due to its enormous cutting performance, safety parts were newly produced. BENRINER with Catch Tray was also introduced.

■1982: Finger Guard is introduced: Increased Safety of Plastic Material

BENRINER was evolved with better cutting ability from the standpoint of domestic users. In 1982, The company became the member (Member No. K-91) of Japan Hygienic Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association (JHOSPA) of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan. Since our product, made of plastic has a contact with vegetable, we increased the food safety awareness by using only the plastic that passed its food safety measurement.

■1992: Design was changed: use of pastel color

The shape was changed with rounded edges.
The gold plate screws were used. Due to the growing popularity among the household, the color were changed to Ivory and pastel color. Export to the foreign countries increased and got its popularity with the name "Japanese Mandolin".


BENRINER started responding to the large customer needs to sell the individual parts such as Interchangeable blades and screws with JAN code management. Now after the 50 years tradition of the company, already durable and high-quality BENRINER's product life got even longer with replaceable parts.